Maya Bezin and Bindu Pariyar, First to make an entry from Nepal into 18+ movies

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Nepal is a country full of culture and tradition with majority of narrow minded people in the society and religion and law both had made a line for people. Even in today’s world being together in a closed room is also not allowed to practice with without getting married even if yoy are in a relationship. It’s usual to hear police raid made in different hotels and rest houses and unmarried couples are subjected for punishments in Nepal. Adult business in Nepal is far beyond the thought of Nepali people in the present context.

But, being on this this business is not banned beyond the country, Nepal and there is no any ban on involving such activities in other countries like some Muslim countries. There are two Nepali girls who had made their entry in the business and achieved a good name in the short period of time. They are Maya Bezin and Bindu Pariyar.

Maya Bezin from Bhaktapur, Nepal to USA
Maya Bezin, whose real name is Deep Shikha is a well known name in the industry and is originally from Bhaktapur from neighborhood district of Kathmandu, a capital city of Nepal. She had clearly stated in her interview abuot her originality being Nepali and is most famous for her curves in the industry.

Bindu Pariyar from Pokhara, Nepal to USA,
Bindu Pariyar another well known name in the international adult industry is originally from a small village near Pokhara. a beautiful city and tourist attraction center of Nepal. She got married to US citizen while she was in Pokhara and went abroad with him ale later get separated with him. People she started dancing in Thailand as her part time job and started to act in the movies right from there. Now, she lives in USA.


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